Alicia, from the blog “Mom’s Don’t Say That!” (what a great name by the way!) contacted me when I put out a request for reviewers. Her cousin recently lost a baby at 11 weeks, and she recommended Sunshine After the Storm to her.

Alicia is also a trained therapist, and although not working in that field anymore, her friends still often seek out her advice. I thought she was a great person to read and review Sunshine After the Storm.

Her review is beautiful and honest. This is one of my favorite quotes from her review:

What I really enjoyed about the book is that it is written by people who have been there and experienced these losses first hand.  It’s not a psychologist or a therapist sitting behind a desk telling us how “most women handle loss” and what the “normal grieving process” looks like.  While those things are helpful, more for a therapist than a grieving mother, it’s the stories of those who have survived loss that provide the most help.

Please visit her review on Mom’s Don’t Say That to read her full review.

Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Thanks Alicia!