Sunshine After the Storm – Book Reviews

miscarriage and infant loss, Sunshine After the StormToday we have our 3rd and 4th stops on the blog tour. I apologize to Vivien – last week got so hectic, I was unable to write about her beautiful review on this blog, although I did share it on my personal blog, No Holding Back. When I sent out a request for reviews of the book, Vivien sent me the following email:

I saw your post on Facebook looking for bloggers to review your book.
I write a blog at Vivien Interrupted and would love to write a review. Thankfully, I have not experienced a loss myself. However, as a doula and breastfeeding support group leader, I think your work is extremely important and I’m very grateful for it. Unfortunately, I have many friends who have gone through terrible losses and it would be useful to know of a helpful book to gift anyone who might need it.

I am very grateful to the mothers who support other women as Vivien does, and especially for the fact that she recognizes that in this role, she may also need to provide comfort. I did not know when she sent this email that she is in her third trimester of her third pregnancy, or I may have told her not to review the book. But she did an amazing job, and we can’t thank you enough Vivien.

Please visit her lovely review at Vivien Interrupted.

Our fourth review was posted today on Jill’s blog, And Life Goes On. Jill lost her son at the age of five, and although we only had three stories represented from mother’s who lost children between the ages of 2 and 12, Jill still found the book to be a wonderful resource and source of encouragement.

Although I have never experienced a miscarriage or a still birth, I learned from these women that the loss is just as powerful and the feelings and emotions associated with their loss are just the same as those of a mother who has lost a child at an older age. ~Jill at And Life Goes On.