It took me a long time (over eight months) to realize I needed to be in some type of group therapy. I found a grief support group in my community and was immediately welcomed with open arms, into a world that did not judge me, or look at me with sympathetic eyes, or worse, shuffle around awkwardly when I mentioned Kathryn’s name. Nor did these women struggle with the words they wanted to say to comfort me.


This is part of the reason we all felt so strongly about this book. All of us had those same feelings of isolation and separation after our loss. We all struggled to find community.

Therefore, we have created Groups on the page. I am going to give just a quick tutorial on using them. Once registered for the site, you can join public groups and request to join the private groups. You may start discussion topics and suggest other groups. You may find your community.

1. Click on the register tab and fill out the form.


2. You should receive an email with an activation code. Enter that and you will be activated. Then click on the GROUPS tab and you can instantly join the public ones and request to join the private ones.


3. Introduce yourself, make connections, start discussions… the forums are here for you to use as you’d like. The private groups are PRIVATE so only those in the group will be able to see them.

If you want a particular group started, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask!