Some of us need a different kind of baby book.

When my twins were born, they were very sick. Kathryn only lived two days. I have a lock of her hair, her footprints, her bands and other items from the NICU… all the normal mementos we would keep in a baby book.

She still deserves a baby book.

A different kind of baby book.

As I was seeking out items for our Mother’s Day Campaign giveaway, I reached out to my friend Lindsey of Still Breathing. Lindsey and her mother run an esty shop – Nora’s Nook and Gifts. They hand make beautiful items for grieving mothers. Lindsey and her mother offered to donate one baby album for our giveaway.

a different kind of baby book

baby girl memorial scrapbook

In Lindsey’s words:

In 2012 my daughter Nora was stillborn. I only had a few mementos of the short time we spent together and wanted a way to display all of those treasures. I didn’t just want a memory box as I knew I wouldn’t open it often once it was packed away. Instead I gathered all of the trinkets and treasures she left behind; pictures, lock of hair, hospital bracelet, footprints, handprints, and other reminders of her and decided to ask Nora’s grandmother, my mom, to create a baby loss memorial scrapbook.

Once I received it, I knew that other grieving parents like me would want one. So I asked my mom to create baby loss memorial scrapbook kits for others to add their own special reminders and treasures to, and that is how this shop came to be.
Scrapbook Kit Includes

– 8” x 8” clothbound expandable scrapbook
– 20 pages with page protectors
– 10 double sided pages of gender specific paper based on order (varies with availability)
– 2 premade pages included in the double-sided pages
– 1 page of baby loss specific quotes (11 total)
– Announcement page included in the double-sided pages
– 15 baby embellishments (‘baby’, rattle, etc.)
– 10 double sided strips for embellishing
– 2 vellum envelopes for hospital bracelet and hair
– 50 photo mounting squares

Colors to choose from: pink (girl) or blue (boy). Please specify in your order/e-mail your book preferences.

One person will receive their choice of baby loss memorial scrapbook. Perhaps you know someone who could use this. Perhaps you need it yourself.

We all deserve a baby book for our child. This is a different kind of baby book for the mother whose baby is no longer here.


Your support of our Mother’s Day Campaign will help us donate the book Sunshine After the Storm: A Survival Guide for the Grieving Mother to hospitals and bereavement groups to mothers who have recently lost their baby. Please consider helping us. Even a small donation makes a BIG difference!

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