A few months ago, we were contacted by a woman named Jennifer who had recently lost her daughter. She shared this heartbreaking story and told us about her desire to fund CuddleCots. This was her request:

Sorry to bother you but I lost my baby girl Jasmine on October 31, 2014 at 24 weeks and 3 days into my pregnancy. I am reaching out to you in the hopes that you would be willing to share my campaign link on your page/website or share it with anyone that may be willing to help my cause.

I am raising money to purchase a CuddleCot to donate to Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital in memory of my daughter Jasmine. A CuddleCot is a cooling device that can be placed into a bassinet or Moses basket so that parents and families of babies that have passed away can spend more time with them before they start “changing.” As the parent of an angel baby I can attest that the gift of time is the most precious thing we have with our beautiful angel babies.

I would love for the CuddleCot to be placed before Jasmine’s 1st heavenly birthday on October 31, 2015.

My immediate goal is to place a CuddleCot in Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital (I’m an RN on the OB unit there), my short term goal is to place a CuddleCot in all of the AMITA/Adventist hospitals in our local network, my long term goal is to place a CuddleCot in every hospital in the state of Illinois, and my ultimate goal is to place a CuddleCot in every hospital in the United States in Jasmine’s memory.

I completely understand if you decide not to share the link or make a donation. If you decide to share the link or make a donation am truly grateful for your help. Again, I am sorry to bother you. Thank you for your time.


Let it be noted that if you have a request like this, you are NEVER bothering us, and we are always happy to lend a hand. I thought this was so touching. I always appreciate it when mothers take their loss and make something beautiful from it to help others.

So, naturally we shared her post.

Then a little while ago (and I am so delayed on sharing this with you!) we received the following message. Unfortunately, we were unable to attend, but I’m so glad she shared pictures for all of us to see.

I inboxed you a few months ago asking you to share my GoFundMe link on your page. I was raising money to donate a CuddleCot to Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital in my daughter’s memory.

My manager just called me and she finally decided on a date for the dedication of Baby Jasmine’s Angel Nursery. The hospital donated the room in my daughter’s memory.

The nursery is for parents that have lost their babies to “parent,” bond, and say their goodbyes in a more home like environment.

Here are some pictures of the CuddleCot, the plaque, and the nursery when it was still a work in progress.



cuddle cot 2

cuddle cot 3

cuddle cot 4

cuddle cot 5

This is so beautiful.

Thank you Jennifer, for sharing your story, your project, and the results.

With the greatest of love,


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