Mother’s Day is a mere month away, and with that comes a time of sadness for many grieving Mothers.  There is a special Holiday for Moms who have lost children, known as International Bereaved Mother’s Day.  In the following post one of our contributing authors for Sunshine After the Storm shares her feelings from last year’s holiday.

Starr Bryson of The Insomniacs Dream gives us a very real and honest insight into the  thoughts and feelings of a grieving Mother on Mother’s Day.



International Bereaved Mother’s Day

There are so many of us out there, struggling to understand why, floundering for purchase in a world that no longer makes sense.  The proper order of life is that a Mother outlives her children.  When a child is taken from a Mother far too soon, we do not understand.  It is the unspeakable nightmare we all fear.  The heart shattering, soul rendering tragedy we must overcome.

Mother’s Day is a time of being thankful for our children, these tiny humans we brought into the world, loved and nurtured.  But what a painful day this is when one of your children is no longer with you.  A day meant for joy is now riddled with pain, grief, and sorrow.  Memories flood your mind, and sometimes it’s enough to bring you to your knees.  Literally.  It becomes hard to breathe, to walk, to talk.  Paralyzed with the knowledge, numbed by the fact: My baby is not with me.  It’s Mother’s Day and my baby is not in my arms.

International Bereaved Mother’s Day is a day in which we can all remember our babies, take the time to grieve, and support one another in our loss.  A time to celebrate all the Mommies whose babies are only with us in spirit, in memory.

~Starr Bryson