It was my greatest joy to do this mission for ten years.

After I lost my infant daughter, I received several care packages from complete strangers. This provided so much joy to me… that someone who didn’t even know me cared enough to do something so thoughtful and loving. At a time when I felt desperately isolated and alone. So, once I was able to do so, I started to provide the same service.

For ten years, we sent out care packages twice a year at no charge to grieving mothers and donate bereavement bags periodically to the local hospitals. This brought me, and the mothers who needed it, tremendous healing over the years.

Now that I am no longer able to continue this mission, I’d like to empower YOU to send a package to someone who needs it. If you’re the grieving mother, share this page with your friends and family if they want to do something loving to help you.

And for you, sweet mama, I encourage you to find a mission that brings you the kind of healing this brought me.

In our care packages, we loved to include items that provide comfort and remind the mother to take care of herself. It’s so difficult after a loss to put yourself first.

Our packages included:


You can never imagine how much it lifts your spirits to receive a package unexpectedly, filled with items of love and remembrance.

Blessings and Peace,
Alexa B.