I am collecting resources to have on a page so that when someone comes here, they will have access to any type of service they might need. It’s something I wanted to have done by now, but it is a slow process.

Pregnancy and infant loss awareness month is drawing to a close. I feel badly, because it was my intent to write more frequently, to give more encouragement, and to share more resources for grieving mothers. But this month was full of LIFE.

That information might seem cruel to someone who is raw and fresh in their grief.

On the other hand, that, I suppose, is the best piece of encouragement I can give to a grieving mother. One day, life will be normal again. There will be a day that you can wake up and sadness does not overwhelm you. There will be a day that you are no longer actively grieving, even if you will always be bereaved.

I can even say I feel whole again.

Yes, there will always be a Kathryn sized hole in my heart and life, but I have Bug, Bean, and Tiny who do so much to plug the pain.

My hope for anyone who is grieving is that the day will arrive soon.

But take as much time as you need.

And don’t worry that if you stop feeling pain, you’ll forget your loved one. I promise, that is not the case.

In the meantime, I am here, and trying to provide to you what I can.

My Resources for Grieving Mothers:

Resources for a Grieving Mother



What are your favorite resources for the grieving mother/parents/grandmother/children?