Special Book Bundle for Grieving Mothers

This will be available here year round. All proceeds from this book bundle will go to Sunshine After the Storm so that we may continue sending free care packages to mamas who need the extra love and hug.

October 15th is International Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness day

We’ve compiled a beautiful collection of these five books and are offering them all for the low price of 9.99! You’ll receive the PDF, the epub file for ereaders, as well as the mobi file (for Kindle) and instructions on how to send them to your Kindle.

The authors participating in this promo have all lived through the terrible experience of the loss of a pregnancy, infant, or child. These books are their heartfelt attempt to help other grieving mothers and families, and a large part of their journey to healing. We’ll be hosting the authors on October 15th for a roundtable discussion about their books and their stories.

You can support other grieving mothers through the purchase of this October 15th book bundle.

The proceeds of this book sale will be donated to a nonprofit organization, Sunshine After the Storm. This organization supports grieving mothers and sends care packages at no charge to mothers who have recently lost a pregnancy, infant, or child. Thank you for helping us with this important mission.


What do you get with your order?

When you complete the order form below, you’ll receive access to a dropbox folder that contains the following:

  • The PDF of each book
  • The .mobi file for each book (for Kindle)
  • The .epub file for each book (for other ereaders)
  • Directions on how to send the book to your Kindle
  • Information on each author and how you can follow them
  • Hope, love, and support for you if you are a grieving mother
  • Information on how to connect with the nonprofit Sunshine After the Storm – for community support and resources


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